Brown Puzzle Club

If you are a Brown Student that enjoyed our hunt, we highly recommend you get involved with our club!

Join the listserv! (Brown Students)

What do we do?

We meet for an hour and a half every week, eating snacks and group-solving puzzles from recent hunts.

On top of our regular meeting, we:

  • Go on semesterly free trips to the local escape room
  • Gather participation for the MIT Mystery Hunt and other puzzlehunts
  • Generate puzzle content for other student organizations, such as student newspapers
  • Develop and host our annual Brown Puzzlehunt

We always have room for new members, whether you are interested in puzzle solving, puzzlehunt writing/planning, or just wish to tag along on our events!

When/Where do we meet?

Subject to change for future semesters, but we currently meet weekly on Mondays from 8-9:30PM EDT in Page Robinson 403